Sharing hope, bravery, and inspiration through special care bundles.

The special Breathe Bravely Bundle Brigade builds special packages for people impacted by CF of all ages and situations in need of an extra boost of bravery and thoughtful support.


What's in a Brave Bundle?

  • A one-of-a-kind lap quilt handmade by the incredible BB quilting brigade.

  • Ashley’s book, Breathing Bravely: Giving Voice to Cystic Fibrosis

  • A variety of age-appropriate activities or Breathe Bravely gear.

  • A tin of the incredible DEXTERITY DOUGH.


Over two dozen Brave Bundles have been distributed to special recipients impacted by cystic fibrosis!

“Thanks, so much! I love that you are doing Brave Bundles!! A special package means a lot to these brave kiddos.”

“Thank you for all of the joy you are spreading to the CF community. The items that were included were just perfect.”

“Thank you for cheering me up!”

“Thank you so much for sending my daughter a Brave Bundle during her hospital stay. She literally jumped up and down squealing and then teared up because she loved everything so much. It meant so much for her to be reminded that she is not alone and that there are lots of people- some she’s never met - who care about her!”

Have you been a recipient of a Brave Bundle?
Do you know someone in need of a bit of extra bravery?
Share your story with us or nominate a recipient!

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Name of Brave Bundle Recipient
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Brave Bundle recipients are considered and sent bundles based upon current availability and demand. Due to the high volume of requests, nominations will only be considered for those directly impacted by CF (patient, parent, sibling, etc).
Brave Bundles currently are only able to be shipped within the United States.