sINgSPIRE : Enrolling

It was a big day for Breathe Bravely on Monday, January 9. sINgSPIRE was officially launched - opening enrollment to five new students!

What is sINgSPIRE?
 sINgSPIRe is a 10 week program created specifically for people with CF. It focuses on combatting cystic fibrosis through the art of singing. Enrolled students will be paired with a professional voice instructor and will take part in 10 weeks of individual voice lessons that take place either In-Studio (where available) or via Video-Call. sINgSPIRE instructors will thoughtfully guide each unique student through the sINgSPIRE program that was created for children 5+, teens, and adults with CF. 

Learn more about the sINgSPIRE program and be a part of this life giving program. 

The Driving Force Behind sINgSPIRE
siNgSPIRE was inspired by the powerful impact singing had on our founder Ashley's life with CF. She has realized the significant impact singing has had on her health both physically and mentally and it continues to be a vital part of her health routine. In a previous post she shared her passion for singing and the immense impact it has on her life with CF. Read "A Song For CF" to learn her story and the inspiration for sINgSPIRE.

Enroll Today
It is a great honor to launch this program as a part of Breathe Bravely. Give voice to the song that lives within you and be a part sINgSPIRE! Enroll today to be a part of our next session! Spots are limited to sign up now!

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