Brave Bundles : Sharing Hope, Inspiration, & Bravery

Sharing hope, inspiration, and bravery through special care bundles. 

Over a year ago it was around the steady hum of sewing machines and the good hearts of close friends that "Brave Quilts" was born and the mission of "Brave Bundles" came alive. It was their love of sewing paired with the hope of bringing goodness to someone in need of extra strength and a boost of bravery. Ashley, Breathe Bravely's founder, recalled that unmatchable special feeling when receiving a special package in the mail or hearing a tap on her hospital room door for the delivery of something special. That irreplaceable feeling of knowing someone is thinking of you during times of difficulty is what we at Breathe Bravely wanted to share with others. 

So, "Brave Quilts" and "Brave Bundles" were born. One-of-a-kind "Brave Quilts" are sewn by hand by the Breathe Bravely quilting brigade - each quilt as unique as its recipient. Each one colorful, brilliant, warm, and infused with the caring spirit of Breathe Bravely. Several times a month the quilting brigade comes together to stitch together these special one-of-a-kind quilts. Bundles are packaged and sent to a special recipient who is impacted by cystic fibrosis and in need of a bit of hope, inspiration, and bravery. 

What's in a Brave Bundle?

  • A one-of-a-kind lap quilt handmade by the incredible BB quilting brigade. 
  • Ashley’s book, Breathing Bravely: Giving Voice to Cystic Fibrosis
  • A variety of age-appropriate activities or Breathe Bravely gear.


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