Real Gratitude 65 : Brotherly Love

The month of November on Breathe 3-65 is dedicated to GRATITUDE. Today we are grateful for each brother, sister, and friend impacted by CF. For their endless hope, drive, and unwavering support we are so very grateful.

CF doesn't just impact a single person in a family, it impacts every person and part of a family. Today's post is a meaningful entry written by brother, Steve Sveom, in honor of his sister, Chyrstal, who has cystic fibrosis. Read his heartfelt words that genuinely reflect the strength and awe he admires in his sister!


Brother Love

"Chrystal Marie is my little sister, but in many ways, I feel like I look up to her. We spent alot of time together growing up, and apart from the manual back percussions that I would help my dad with on her back, Chrystal was just as active as most every other kid on the block. This was before internet, so we played outside alot. We lived in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, and many afternoons were spent playing at the park and then heading to the beach for a swim. I did not think of Chrystal as anything less than my little sister. Chrystal and I went to high school at the same school, and even though I was a little older, and spent alot of time screwing around and playing sports, I tried my best to be a good big brother. Chrystal had many friends in school, and people were, and still are, drawn to her inner strength and outspoken spirit.

After she met and married Lucas, things were a little different, just like they are for all of us after high school and college. Chrystal and Lucas had a life to build together,  and they intended to live it to the fullest. Chrystal has had to focus more on her health during much of that time, but thankfully, with Lucas' help and encouragement, and also the amazing medical advances in therapy machines and medications, they have been happily married for almost twenty years. Their lives have been blessed beyond words with the birth of their daughter, Hadassah Joy, in May of 2013.

Chrystal has always been an inspiration to me. I see her strong will to fight, and to live each day to the fullest boldly. Her faith and her family, Lucas, Hadassah and many other family and friends, all look at Chrystal as a person who has learned to live free of the bonds that CF would want to restrain her to. Chrystal has chosen to live and breathe boldly, 365. I love my sister very much, and I am proud to be her little, um, big brother!"


Written and submitted by Steve Sveom.

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