Clearly Invisible : The Unseen Side of CF

This segment of the blog will be dedicated to shedding light on the invisible side of CF- striving to spark dialogue, cultivate understanding, and encourage compassion between all of us.


Years ago, the effects of CF would manifest themselves visible to the outside world, but in today’s world there are very few telling effects of the destructive disease. CF is considered an invisible disease. Even in the end stages of the disease, CF might only make itself apparent through the need of being tethered to a constant supply of supplemental oxygen and IV polls. But without those accessories we would seamlessly blend into any crowd.

It may be one of the most difficult things about living a life with CF. Even thanks to small pre-portioned antibiotic boluses, we can carry on seemingly normal lives. CF manifests itself beneath the surface of our skin and blindly away from the eyes of the mainstream world. It makes it difficult for others to see the destruction and seriousness happening within our bodies. Thanks to social media and some passionate people willing to open their honest lives living with CF to the world, the invisible side of this disease is being exposed and shared - something that takes great bravery and strength. It also invites loved ones into the unseen side of CF and allows ourselves to freely share who we are.

What we see on the outside never tells the entire story of who we really are - for any of us, whether CF is a part of that equation or not. The greatest gift we can give each other is the gift of empathy, and that comes from investing and sharing who we really are with one another. We may not be able to truly understand someone’s life or what they’re going through, but we can embody what those emotions and experiences feel like. We are all connected by the feelings and power of pain, heartache, joy, and happiness.

Here’s to opening the world to the invisible side of CF and bravely sharing our voice. What do you see when you see CF? We'd love to hear from you.

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