Clearly Invisible : Cross-infection and Community

This segment of the blog is dedicated to shedding light on the invisible side of CF- striving to spark dialogue, cultivate understanding, and encourage compassion between all of us.

324.5 million people live in the United States. The majority of us are seeking to find a community of people in which we belong - sharing similar experiences, thoughts, and friendships. These communities are bonded through deepest empathy - enduring similar journeys of struggle and triumph.

Just 30, 000 people in the United States live with cystic fibrosis. It’s an incredible community all its own, and like so many things that bring a community together CF is no exception. But, did you know it is recommended that people with CF have no physical contact or maintain at the very least a distance of six feet between each other? It is because of the possibility and risk of cross-infection.

Why is cross-infection so important? 
People with CF harbor certain germs and bacteria that can be extremely detrimental to the health of another person with CF. Bacteria and germs in people with CF can vary from person to person, making exposure to one another an important factor in limiting the introduction of new bacteria and germs that could have significant and irreversible effects.  

Isolation & Community
These guidelines have just recently come into practice over the last several years, as scientists and doctors learn more and more about CF. CF is an invisible disease to most people but what is even harder to see is the isolation it creates from the very community of people who truly understand and embody life with the disease. It’s a cruel and unapologetic part of the disease that thankfully has been lessened by today’s use of social media and Facetime – allowing deep friendships to form and a foundation for unprecedented empathy and support. We at Breathe Bravely feel extremely privileged to be a part of the CF community – a place where all who are impacted by the disease can come together and know they are never truly alone.


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