Clearly Invisible : Danger

This segment of the blog is dedicated to shedding light on the invisible side of CF- striving to spark dialogue, cultivate understanding, and encourage compassion between all of us.


The world is a big beautiful place, fraught with possibility. We awake feeling invincible and ready to take on the adventure of life. But, many do not see that woven within the beauty that surrounds us are dangers unseeable to the eye. Dangers that could cause great harm to someone with CF. Dangers that to most people might cause a pesky cold or irritating virus but for someone with CF could cause weeks in the hospital, months of extra treatments, endless antibiotics and their side effects, and irreparable lung damage.

The door handle touched by an unwashed hand, an uncovered cough, or a forceful sneeze can all pose severe risks to someone with CF. A person with CF's immune systems is highly compromised and their lungs are a perfect environment for dangerous bacteria to thrive. It is easy to dismiss the dangers of a cold, cough, or unwashed hands because we cannot directly see the effects of their microscopic deadly presence. But they are there.


People with CF spend countless hours a day doing treatments and taking fistfuls of medications to stay as healthy as possible. They dedicate themselves to hours of fighting CF for a chance at another tomorrow. You can help in that fight. Please wash your hands, cover that cough by coughing into an elbow or shoulder, and staying home when sick. It truly could save a life. 


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