Clearly Invisible : Stormy Skies

This segment of the blog is dedicated to shedding light on the invisible side of CF- striving to spark dialogue, cultivate understanding, and encourage compassion between all of us.


The sky above is a vibrant blue with the most picturesque clouds effortlessly floating across its expansive canvas. The sun shines brightly overhead embracing the earth below and warming everything it touches. There’s a gentle breeze – enough to make the prairie grasses sing a soothing sigh of contentment. In that moment all seems perfect.

But how quickly things can change. A storm is coming. The wind switches and the once white clouds become a thick shield of gray – swallowing up the sun’s warming rays. The atmosphere is charged and swirling overhead. The storm is gaining momentum with each passing moment. 

Just within a matter of hours things can change quickly. This is life with cystic fibrosis. Within just a few hours a person with CF can go from feeling great to feeling sick. An exacerbation or infection can come on quickly and sometimes without any forewarning. Such a quick onset can mean having to cancel plans, dedicating time to extra treatments, and visits to the doctor with the potential for IV antibiotics.

With CF this storm is often silent to the outside world. A person with CF may look and act like their usual self but underneath there may be a storm brewing or one actively raging. It’s an invisible storm that can cause irreversible damage and devastation. There’s always the hope that the storm will only bring light rain with a rumble of thunder and not the destructive torrential downpour of an unyielding storm. 

 There are always invisible storms brewing in a life lived with cystic fibrosis. But that same life also has its days that the sky seems endlessly blue without a cloud in the sky and the day finishes just as clear. Those days are deeply cherished.


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