Real Gratitude 65 : White Coats & Stethoscopes

The month of November on Breathe 3-65 is dedicated to GRATITUDE. Today we are grateful for each brother, sister, and friend impacted by CF. For their endless hope, drive, and unwavering support we are so very grateful.

It's inevitable for those you spend the most time with to become a part of your larger family. This is especially true when much of your life has been spent in and out of the cold sterile walls of the hospital and clinic. The nurses, techs, pharmacists, receptionists, and doctors become a special part of your family. In many ways they know your story better than those closest to you. They are with you through the hardest of times and the best of times. In moments of great thanksgiving and in moments of deep desperation. They are the silent servers who sacrifice their own time to give us a chance at more of our own. 

This Thanksgiving please take a moment to remember and give thanks for our tenacious and caring doctors, nurses, pharmacists, techs, and all others who willingly spending time away from their own families and friends to take care of those we love.

With every breath we are given, let us be thankful. 



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