Simply CF : The Gift of Life

Cystic Fibrosis is a complex and sometimes confusing disease. Each installment of Breathe 3-65 called,"Simply CF" will strive to explain the complexities of CF in a concise and accessible way.

For the CF community, this Fall has been a difficult one with a great number of loved ones lost to cystic fibrosis. It makes us hold those we love living with CF a little tighter and want to fight even harder for every person impacted by the disease. This holiday season undoubtedly will be one filled with some heartache as the memories of those lost pour through minds and hearts of their family and friends. 

Some whose journey ended too soon were awaiting the call for their perfect match of lungs. They were eagerly hoping for the call for a life-saving double lung transplant - a call that did not come in time. For other friends in the CF community they faced chronic rejection post transplant. But thanks to a selfless donor they were given the chance to extend their lives - living boldly and fully with the extra time they were given thanks to a double lung transplant. Without a transplant they would have not been given that second chance at life - even if it were still cut too short due to complications and rejection.

Without question, a double lung transplant at the end stages of CF can be life saving. But the truth is, for those who decide a transplant is the right choice for them there are not enough registered organ donors to fulfill the need that is present. But, we each have the power to change that and honor the lives of those we've lost. Give the gift of life this holiday season - become an organ donor while encouraging your friends and family to do the same. It's a simple gift that will have a lifelong impact.

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Please take a moment today and remember the beautiful lives that our CF community has lost and keep their loved ones close to your heart this holiday season. 

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