Sing Bravely : Karaoke for CF

On Thursday, March 9 an amazing group of people came together - both steadfast supporters who have been on this Breathe Bravely journey with us from its very beginning and new friends who for the first time, heard about Breathe Bravely's dear and personal vision of giving voice to CF through sINgSPIRE.

"Sing Bravely" was a fantastic night celebrating our sINgSPIRE program - a 10 week program that combats the effects of CF through the art of singing. Students are paired with a sINgSPIRE voice instructor and take part in individual voice lessons either in-studio or via video-call. Our first sINgSPIRE session is halfway through and the excitement for the next session is incredible!

Thank you to everyone who made our night at "Sing Bravely : Karaoke for CF" so memorable and who has joined us on this unforgettable and impactful journey. 

If you weren't able to make the event but would still like to donate towards our sINgSPIRE program, DONATE HERE! I  

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