sINgSPIRE : Good Vibrations

If you look closely at any great thing in life, you'll always see that it is comprised of people who see exciting possibility within the impossible - together making the most incredible impact.

To come together and be in the presence of these brilliant women is absolutely inspiring. Last night, our incredible sINgSPIRE instructors came together - sharing experiences of the last couple of weeks working with our amazing students in the program. The key is not only teaching the art of singing but linking it to living a life with CF as well. Most people don't know what it feels like to do a VEST treatment and how much pressure it puts on our chest. A year or so ago, my husband, Mark, brought to my attention that I hum or sing while doing my treatments. I didn't even realize I was doing it. Mark calls it "chirping." After realizing that I do it, I became more conscious of it and started really thoughtfully utilizing it while doing my VEST. Why do I do it? I do it because it helps relax my breath and streamline my inhalation and exhalation. I also think it helps vibrate my chest even more.

So, what did we do at our meeting last night? Some of the instructors strapped on my VEST and first-hand felt what it's like to be vigorously shaken. More importantly, they felt how the art of singing can impact our students even more. I am grateful beyond words for each of them.

Written by Ashley Ballou-Bonnema

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