sINgSPIRE : CF Foundation Impact Grant

We are so grateful to everyone who has supported the dream and vision of sINgSPIRE and helped to make this program a reality. We are also excited to have the support of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and the great honor of being one of their recipients of the Impact Grant.

What is the Impact Grant?

"...Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Impact Grants, a program that provides up to $10,000 per year to individuals or organizations that benefit the cystic fibrosis community.

Ultimately, seven exceptional applicants received grants, from programs devoted to helping people with CF achieve their personal fitness goals, to supporting and educating CF spouses and caregivers. As a person with CF, I was particularly excited to see such dynamic proposals, and I look forward to continuing to grow the Impact Grant program in the years to come. It is therefore with great pleasure that I announce the 2016 Impact Grant awardees. The Foundation is proud to support these organizations in their important missions to benefit our community." - Piper Beatty Welsh, www.


The CF community is filled with passionate individuals striving to make a difference in all they do. Take a look at the official announcement and the other amazing awardees!

Meet the Seven Impact Grant Winners -


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