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Breathe 3-65

Welcome to Breathe 3-65!

A place for sharing all that is brave, inspiring, and real.  

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What can you expect to see as a part of Breathe 3-65?

- Simply CF : the complexities of CF simplified. 

- Clearly Invisible: the Unseen Side of CF

- Real 65 : posts and interviews sharing honest and personal experiences of living with, treating, and loving someone with CF. It is a place for all those impacted to share their stories of struggle, strength, and beauty.

Program Information : details about programs, initiatives, and efforts of Breathe Bravely as a nonprofit organization.

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Disclaimer: The writings and postings of Breathe 3-65 are a reflection of the personal opinions, experiences, and knowledge of the contributing author. Breathe Bravely is not liable for the statements and personal opinions shared. The material of Breathe 3-65 is provided with the best intention and great care is taken to share information from credible sources. However, the content shared on this blog is not medical advice and is not under any condition a substitute for the medical advice provided by your medical providers. Please consult your care team before making any changes or additions to your current CF treatment plan.