The Joy of Giving

It’s a beautiful thing when people see beyond their differences and join together in a common experience. These days there are plenty of things that threaten to divide our country, society, communities, and even our homes and families. But when we choose to see past our differences and the things that divide and push us apart, something amazing can happen.  Most people have a few universal values that they hold in common and are dear to their hearts. The holiday season gives opportunity to pause, reflect, gather with friends and family, and reconnect with some of those values and experiences.

One of these experiences is the joy of giving.  Parents work hard to keep the secret, the mystery, and the intrigue of Santa alive for as long as possible with their children, both because they love to see the wonder and awe in their children’s eyes, and also because it brings the parents a full heart and much joy to be able to give to their children. Adults keep the joy of giving alive by doing secret Santa exchanges and giving gifts to their friends and family members who likely do not truly need anything, but experiencing the joy of giving urges them to give.

It’s great to give to those we love and are close with- our children, family, and friends. It’s pretty easy to see past our differences with them and give to them out of love. But there are many opportunities to see past our differences with those on a greater scale in our communities and across the country, and to experience the joy of giving at a whole new level.

Today is #GivingTuesday.  Today is an opportunity to connect with the joyous feeling of giving, and to do so by supporting one of a host of worthy groups, causes, and charities. All across our community and country people are doing good. They spend time, energy, resources, and money helping and advancing the lives of others and the state of humanity. They experience the joy of helping others, and today you can join in that joy by giving your support. Today you can embrace the joy of giving. Let us come together under the banner of doing good. Surely, doing good is something we can all agree upon, and today is as good an opportunity as ever to take action- pledge support, pledge resources, pledge money to a cause, group, or charity in your community or in our country that is doing good. 

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This #GivingTuesday may you know the impact of your generosity, support, and the good you share. On this day devoted to the joy of giving, I ask you to consider supporting an organization that strives to give - give voice to CF, that is.  Breathe Bravely just celebrated its year anniversary and we are deeply grateful for each of you and the support you fervently share with us. Breathe Bravely has big dreams that are coming to life by the day and by the moment. This year is going to be an unforgettable year in the life of Breathe Bravely - aspiring to impact so many through its programs like sINgSPIRE, Brave Bundles, and signature Breathe Bravely events. Today, experience with us the joy in giving - giving voice to CF by supporting Breathe Bravely. 


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Today's Breathe 3-65 entry written by Mark Bonnema. 




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