The greatest things in life are not done alone, but by the hands, work, and belief of many.


  • Impact Grant - The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (CFF) for sINgSPIRE

  • Dreams Foundation Award - Terra Koupal, American Family Insurance

  • Midco

  • Lemonly - Annual 3-2-1 donation

  • Hill-Rom

  • Lyon County Riverboat Foundation - 2019 Mini Grant Recipient

  • Sioux Falls Area Community Foundation (SFACF) - Breathe Bravely, Inc., was graciously awarded a Spot Grant for the startup costs of forming and filing itself as a non-profit organization. A special thank-you to the SFACF for believing in this organization and its mission

  • The Lindsay Ann Masterson Memorial



Thank you to all who have contributed their gifts to Breathe Bravely. You each are a part of Breathe Bravely's unique journey. We are humbled beyond words at your generosity. This is only possible because of you.