Singers from all over the world defying a diagnosis of cystic fibrosis through
the art of singing- join their diverse and powerful voices together in a unified chorus of strength, tenacity, and unrelenting hope.

The sINgSPIRE Virtual Choir represents a diversity of individuals with cystic fibrosis while serving as a catalyst for community through the life-giving love of singing. Each unique and beautiful voice building something greater together - it’s power apparent in each individual’s unique story brought to life through the gift of song.
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Being a part of a choir is an experience unlike any other. There’s something truly magical about joining your voice together with another persons and creating something so much greater than you could ever do on your own. It’s made even more meaningful when you’re doing it against all odds.


* The sINgSPIRE Virtual Choir at this time is limited to individuals who have completed at least one session of the sINgSPIRE private lesson program.