Test Blue T-Shirt

This super cool blue t-shirt is handcrafted in the Chilean mountains by expert fabric weavers.  Stitching is carefully performed by artisan needle-workers with the thread produced from wool of cute little blue Chilean Llamas.

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Happy Trails

What's the low down on this hoedown? This handmade 42"x38" blanket is perfect for cowpokes of all ages who want to kick up their boots (or booties) and snuggle in after a long day on the trail. Lasso this vintage-inspired quilt before it rides of into the sunset!

Colors: Red paisley (side 1) Cowboy print (side 2) Tan polk-a-dot (binding)
Size: 42"x38" - great as a lap quilt or baby quilt
Quilting: - Cowboy boot quilted into the center.
Machine washable.

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