The Benefits of Singing

  • Promotes engagement and psychological awareness of the respiratory system.

  • Increases strength and elasticity of core respiratory muscles.

  • Maximizes respiratory expansion and breath potential.

  • Builds better posture.

  • Develops breath management skills.

  • Provides breath management skills.

  • Provides potential to increase lung function or increase perceived gain.

  • Reduces anxiety and perceived pain.

  • Releases mood-enhancing endorphins.

  • Improves self-esteem and confidence.

  • Fosters a positive and encouraging connection between the participant and instructor.

  • Reduces stress.

Testimonials from students and parents

"Along with finding my voice, my sINgSPIRE instructor thoughtfully works with me on posture and deep breathing techniques to help combat chronic muscular and acute skeletal pain. I also use singing as a way to relieve stress when everyday life, having CF, and dealing with the ups and downs of transplant just seem like too much. This program really has been a blessing for me."

 "When we enrolled our daughter in the sINgSPIRE program, I thought she would enjoy the opportunity and might learn some valuable breathing techniques. What has transpired is something so much more than that. Our daughter has gained confidence, voice and support. She has improved her lung capacity but also the ability to manage the stressors of her disease."

 "I see firsthand how sINgSPIRE has not only brought joy, but inspiration that a future doing what you love, even when faced with a chronic illness like Cystic Fibrosis, is possible."


*Benefits may vary based upon individual.