sINgSPIRE is a 10-week program combating cystic fibrosis through the art of singing.
 Singing has both physical and psychological advantages that can
significantly benefit those living with cystic fibrosis.

By focusing on the art of singing, sINgSPIRE promotes self-awareness and respiratory strength through the practice of good posture, deep breathing, and the act of singing. 

sINgSPIRE combats the effects of cystic fibrosis through the art of singing. By enrolling in sINgSPIRE, individuals with cystic fibrosis will take part in a 10 week program that consists of 10 individual weekly voice(singing) lessons taught by a professional voice instructor in a highly unique and innovative setting. Lessons take place via Video-Call between student and sINgSPIRE instructor. 

The sINgSPIRE program was created for children 12+, teens, and adults worldwide.

Students are carefully paired with a sINgSPIRE professional voice instructor.  As professional musicians and instructors specializing in singing, sINgSPIRE teachers thoughtfully guide students through the 10 week sINgSPIRE program. Meet our incredible sINgSPIRE instructors.

- Video Call Lessons -

Video lessons take place via the ZOOM platform. The student and the instructor can remain in their respective locations and still take part in the program and lessons! The student must have access to high-speed, reliable Wi-Fi and a device such as an iPad, tablet, or laptop. 

The student’s first 10-week sINgSPIRE program is free of charge to the student thanks to funding from the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Impact Grant, Hill-Rom, and generous private support.


The 10-week program was developed and thoughtfully crafted by program founder, Ashley Ballou-Bonnema, a professional musician and voice instructor with cystic fibrosis. The program was developed based upon her own personal experience living with CF and realizing how beneficial and life-changing singing has been to her health - both mentally and physically. Read Ashley's story and the impact music had on her life and how it continues to influence her life and health.

Program Cost & Continued Study

The student’s first 10-week sINgSPIRE program is free of charge to the student thanks to generous funding & financial support. We ask that the student at the end of their first program write a note of thanks - sharing their experiences so our supporters may know the great impact of their generosity. Students are highly encouraged to continue with the program beyond their first 10 week program. The value of such a program is something that continues to be built upon and strengthened as the student encompasses the art of singing and its valuable techniques. 

Full tuition per 10-week program is $350. Scholarships are available for continued participation in the program and to offset the participant’s costs. Please contact breathe.bravely@gmail.com for additional information about available scholarships.