We are so grateful for your participation in Breathe Bravely's sINgSPIRE Virtual Choir Pilot Program. With your hard work and dedication we have been able to create something truly special. We value your input on how you feel this project was executed. Please take a moment to thoughtfully respond to the following questions and leave comments on both the strengths and weaknesses of this pilot program.
The timeframe of this project - from the first rehearsal to the final recording - was both appropriate and manageable with my schedule.
I found the sectional rehearsal structure to be both helpful and productive
I found the Zoom Video rehearsal platform to be easy to navigate and a productive means of learning the music.
I felt that I was provided with adequate guidance and tools for success in the form of instructions, recordings, practice tools and helpful resources.
I felt that the program was both well organized and well executed.
The expectations for my role in the virtual choir were well communicated, clear and realistic in the timeframe provided.
The music chosen for the choir was both manageable and appropriate for my musical level and I was able to successfully learn and perform the piece in the time allotted.
I felt that the chosen choral piece held a powerful message and represented the mission of the virtual choir effectively.
i feel that I got the chance to connect with the other members of the choir in a meaningful way.
The recording and video submission process was well communicated to me and I did not have trouble navigating this final step.
I would participate in the sINgSPIRE Virtual Choir again if the opportunity arose.
I would definitely recommend the sINgSPIRE Virtual Choir to other individuals living with CF who are looking for a musical and community based opportunity.