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This segment of the blog is dedicated to shedding light on the invisible side of CF- striving to spark dialogue, cultivate understanding, and encourage compassion between all of us.

The CF community is comprised of passionate and driven individuals that are dedicated to changing their community for the better. This community is made up of tenacious and caring people who have been diagnosed with CF themselves, family, friends, and individuals who have been touched in some way by CF. Brad Benson, the creator of CF Adventurers, is no exception. Learn about his passion project and how he's making an impact on the CF community. 

"I am the creator of the CF Adventurers website. ( I myself do not have cystic fibrosis. Cindy, a friend of mine since our days at the University of Rhode Island has a now 13-year-old daughter, Amanda, who has CF. I knew about the disease in its broad outlines prior to finding out about Amanda’s diagnosis, but committed to learn much more as a result of her situation. One thing that I had no awareness of was the fact that people with cystic fibrosis cannot be around each other in close proximity due to cross contamination concerns. This really struck me as poignant and something that would be particularly difficult to deal with. Even now, years after I learned about this aspect of CF life, I find it almost impossible to really understand. So I decided to try to do something about it. CF Adventurers is the result of that effort.

As I stated earlier, I do not have cystic fibrosis. I do, however, have a disability. I have spina bifida and use a wheelchair to get around. Not an ideal circumstance, perhaps, but who among us lives in ideal circumstances, free of difficulty. It is also useful to remember that one’s own issues and problems are not necessarily the toughest challenges people face I found, when I learned that people with cystic fibrosis cannot be around each other without risk to their health, that it made me consider my own situation. I feel no great need to be around other people with spina bifida. But I have the option if I want it, with no risk to me or others I might meet. People with CF do not have this option, and that fact must be hard to come to grips with. It is my hope that CF Adventurers can help bring members of the CF community together, in virtual space even if not in person."

Take a moment to check out CF Adventurers - "This website is meant to be a fun, safe place for people who have cystic fibrosis, their friends, family members, and others to gather. Here, people with CF can chat, experience online adventure, and share thoughts, feelings, hopes, dreams, plans, fears, and strategies... this site is intended to serve as an alternative way of meeting and interacting, even if not in person.  Life should be about options, and CF Adventurers is here to give people with cystic fibrosis the option of connecting online."



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