sINgSPIRE : A Meeting to Remember

Session II of sINgSPIRE is underway with fresh new students and several continuing on from the first session! It's an incredible group of participants and we are so excited to see the amazing progress as students take part in their weekly lessons with their assigned sINgSPIRE instructor. 

Zoom, Zoom.

All lessons a part of sINgSPIRE thus far have been done via a platform we use called, "Zoom." It is a video-call service that allows us to see and hear each other with minimal delay and good sound quality. This platform allows sINgSPIRE's participants with CF to take part in the program from all over the United States as our instructors are based out of Sioux Falls, SD. This platform also allows participants with CF to remain in their comfortable environment and do lessons from the comfort of their own home. What has been most amazing are the meaningful relationships between the students and their instructors that so easily have formed through a computer screen while actively taking part in learning the art of singing. 

The Meaningful Meeting

Because our sINgSPIRE students are from all over the country, that makes it difficult for the student and instructor ever to meet face-to-face in the same location. But, this past weekend, our sINgSPIRE instructor, Maren, was traveling for a wedding to the location of one of her current sINgSPIRE students. And a pretty cool thing happened - they got to meet face-to-face and sing together in the same location. I am positive it is a day they both will remember always. 

What we get to share by being a part of sINgSPIRE is pretty amazing and we feel pretty lucky to share this life-changing experience with our participants. We are certain sINgSPIRE's impact will have lasting effects on everyone who is connected to it: student, instructor, supporter, you.  

Don't forget, if you or your child is interested in being a part of sINgSPIRE please sign up via our sINgSPIRE enrollment page. 

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