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Giving Voice to CF - Say Anything...Jewelry by Stephanie Wilde

The most beautiful and meaningful thing about Breathe Bravely is that so many different and strong people have helped breathe life into this organization and made it all it is today. 

Stephanie is one of those people and has been a relentless advocate for Breathe Bravely from its beginning. Stephanie's own dream has been built on telling people's stories and giving them voice. 3 years ago, Say Anything...Jewelry by Stephanie Wilde joined forces with Breathe Bravely and designed its first jewelry line to help give voice to CF. Her incredible designs and meaningful work of artistry have continued to inspire and grow with Breathe Bravely. 40% of sales from the Breathe Bravely jewelry line go to support the mission of Breathe Bravely.

Last week, new designs were added to the exclusive Breathe Bravely jewelry line! Have you checked them out and ordered yours? Limited and one-of-a-kind pieces available in-store right now or order your exclusive Breathe Bravely design by Say Anything...Jewelry by Stephanie Wilde online or via phone!

Fun Facts about the Breathe Bravely Jewelry Line

  • 40% of the sales from this line go to support Breathe Bravely and their mission of Giving Voice to CF.

  • Say Anything Jewelry has a custom Breathe Bravely stamp with our unique logo!

  • Each piece is handmade. Each letter or logo is hand-stamped character by character by Stephanie herself! Making each piece unique and one-of-a-kind. 

New Items:
Collar Stays for the men $62,
Large Rose earrings $40,
Bracelet with teal leather $44,
Small Rose earrings $36.

Call 605-695-3997 to order today!  Limited quantities of each are made/ready to ship or to pick up in store. Shop now online! Use code LOCAL to save $5 on shipping. Make sure to leave your phone # so we can call you when items are available for pick up! Stop into the store in downtown Sioux Falls, order online at, or shop Etsy. 

A deep and heartfelt thanks to Stephanie, her generosity of time and talent, and helping Breathe Bravely give voice to cystic fibrosis.

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